• Trenching and Shoring

    OSHA estimates approximately 90 deaths and thousands of injuries occur each year because employees don’t know basic trenching and shoring safety guidelines. This program covers the practical safeguards that can prevent these needless casualties.

    • Evaluating an excavation site
    • Effective worker protection systems
    • Emergency response

    Dig deeper in your training and shore up your trench workers’ safety. This course trains them to avoid the dangers of the job by citing dos and don’ts for benching, sloping, shielding and shoring. It alerts them to the warning signs of collapse, cites the visual clues for soil classification and explains how the various manual and field-instrument-based soil classification tests can determine the appropriate shoring method.

    • Trenching Orientation
    • What is a Trench?
    • What does a Safe Trench Site look like?

    Of the numerous trench construction accidents, 400 are deaths and 6,400 are severe injuries. Help give your workers a deep understanding of trench hazards and an even deeper know-how to prevent cave-ins.

    • Grain size and saturation
    • Cohesion and soil testing
    • Protective systems