• Traffic Control & Flagger

    This advanced course is designed to familiarize participants in all aspects of traffic control strategies.

    The goal for this class is to provide a reference and understanding for the principles and standards for Temporary Traffic Control (TTC) zones using principles set forth in Part 6 of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Device (MUTCD) and the California Supplement (CAMUTCD).

    Guidelines on administrative problems and solutions while helping the participant to thoroughly understand and properly interpret the California Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Device (CAMUTCD).

    Work Zone

    This Flagger course is designed to prepare participants in following the California Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Device (CAMUTCD), your individual respective and/or your local city regulations, intermediate, with advanced fundamental concepts.

    Work Zone Traffic Control Flagger daily responsibilities; while understanding their duties to protect project workers, road users and provide safe, courteous, and authoritative direction through all work zones.

    California requires flaggers to be trained, but they do not require them to be certified.

    Flaggers must be trained in the principles that are spelled out in the California Code of Regulations – Construction Safety Orders