• NFPA 70E / Arc Flash

    NFPA 70E / Arc Flash

    Our essential NFPA 70E/Arc Flash Electrical Safety course is the basis for more advanced electrical safety courses. This course meets the safety training requirements for employees bound by OSHA. Learn how current NFPA 70E standards apply to a facility, why safe electrical work practices are important. OSHA’s mandated training requirements apply to employees who face a risk of electric shock that is not reduced to a safe level by the electrical installation requirements.

    Electrical safety training empowers workers to perform their jobs safely. According to the US Department of Labor, electrocution is one of the main causes of on the job deaths of industrial workers.

    Proper training keeps facilities, equipment and personnel safe from accidents, injuries and fatalities.

    Important Standards

    • Approach boundaries
    • Flash boundaries
    • Selection of PPE
    • Voltage rated regular gloves
    • Training requirements
    • Selection and use of work practices
    • Work on de-energized parts
    • Lockout/Tag out
    • Working on or near exposed energized parts
    • Test instruments and equipment
    • Insulated tools
    • Flame resistant (ATPV) clothing
    • Electrical shocks, arcs and blasts