• Aerial Lift Platforms

    An aerial lift device is whichever vehicle-mounted device, articulating or telescoping, or both, which is utilized to position employees to reach spots that will otherwise be inaccessible. Aerial lift devices are utilized to elevate employees to above-ground work sites.

    This Aerial Lift Training course introduces the learner to pre-operational inspections. Aerial Lift Training also covers safety procedures for raising and lowering platforms, safe driving procedures and parking procedures. Students will become familiar with all aspects of Aerial Lift Safety and how to safely operate many types of Aerial Work Platforms.

    Classes are available for the following Aerial Lift equipment:

    Boom Lifts

    Boom lifts are the most widely used types of construction equipment. Because of their widespread use, boom lifts are likely to be involved in accidents. For their safety, your workers must master proper boom lift operation.

    Scissor Lifts

    Scissor lifts provide a safe walking and working surface on construction sites; however, to cut down on accidents, all employees must be trained in safe and proper operations. This program will provide workers with a sharp and detailed knowledge of this useful machine.

    Bucket Truck

    The program aims to provide operators with the skills, knowledge, training materials and abilities required to efficiently and safely operate vehicle-mounted aerial work platforms. The bucket truck training program is a program that is intended to effectively train qualified operators so they can decrease the risk of incident and personal injury while working with or in close proximity to bucket trucks or likewise referred to as vehicle-mounted aerial work platform.

    This Aerial Lift Training program covers:

    • Walk around inspections
    • Controls
    • Causes of Accidents and Prevention
    • Platform design and use
    • Capacity limitations
    • Pre-use inspection
    • Fall protection / restraint
    • Hazard awareness
    • Operation / Practical (hands-on) training and qualification