• Safety Program & Program Analysis

    Safety Program

    Cal-OSHA T8 Section 3203 requires every employer to establish and maintain an effective injury and illness prevention plan / safety program.

    California law requires employers to provide a safe work environment and required documentation.

    Safety programs are most effective when they are documented in written procedures. This improves communication between management and employees, establishes clear safety expectations, and provides references for safe work practices.

    You can use OSHA requirements as a guide to developing and implementing a safety program for your workplace. For a program to be effective, you need to analyze your work

    The first step to establishing an effective safety program for your workplace is to become knowledgeable regarding what your requirements as an employer are under the Occupational Safety and Health Act. Once you know what your requirements are for purposes of OSHA, you can use those requirements to help you set up a workplace safety program.

    Your plan should consider your company’s immediate needs and provide for on-going, long-lasting worker protection. Once your plan is designed, it is important to follow through and use it in the workplace. You will then have a program to anticipate, identify, and eliminate conditions or practices that could result in injuries and illnesses.

    IIPP Core covers:

    Management commitment/assignment of responsibilities, safety communications system with employees, system for assuring employee compliance with safe work practices, scheduled inspections/evaluation system, accident investigation, procedures for correcting unsafe/unhealthy conditions, safety and health training and instruction, recordkeeping and documentation.

    Safety Program Topics Include:

    Disciplinary Policy

    Electrical Safety

    Safety/Incentive Program

    Crane Safety

    Confined Space

    Excavation, Trenching, and Shoring

    Industrial Trucks

    Respiratory Protection Program

    Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace

    Fall Protection

    And Many More

    Our comprehensive IIPP, Safety Program and Employee Safety Handbook including Code of Safe Work Practices meets and exceeds the CAL OSHA requirements.

    These safety programs are provided in Microsoft Word, and they can be customized and edited easily.


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