• Jobsite Safety Compliance Inspections

    With nearly 30 years of on-the-job experience we have a solid understanding of the safety challenges jobsites face every day. IE Safety Services’ team uses this knowledge to identify and eliminate potential safety hazards before accidents happen.

    Safety inspections are the most effective means of identifying hazardous conditions at the worksite. Jobsites require constant monitoring and observations to keep ahead of safety issues. We are a proven safety resource for third party job construction site safety inspections. We identify potential OSHA violations, liability issues and risk exposures while assisting clients with mitigating hazards before they damage the reputation of your company and injure employees.

    The best defense against injury and loss is a comprehensive understanding of risks and deficiencies within your company and projects. Through job site safety inspections and observations at your construction projects, our professionals will develop a useful and practical analysis of safety issues, along with recommendations for remediation of problems. We can use the same methodologies and standards employed by OSHA and the insurance industry – or your own safety standards – as the basis for our review. Our safety professionals are trained to assess sites and provide written feedback of findings in a manner that is easily understood by the client.

    Why Construction Job Site Inspections are Important

    There are many tools that safety professionals use. Written safety programs, safety training, job hazard analysis, and others that are part of a successful safety program. Safety inspections ensure the safety planning and tools used have the desired effect in the real world. Inspections identify hazards and give an opportunity to fix problems before injuries and accidents can occur. Let our specialists work on the safety inspections for you, and free yourself to focus on your specialty in construction.

    After your safety specialist has completed his or her inspection, you’ll receive a detailed report of areas for improvement as well as areas where you are doing a good job!

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